An actual Corpse Wins in PA, proving again After Fetterman, PA Dems are BRAIN DAMAGED

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You cannot make this stuff up, now dead candidates are winning elections? Seriously? 

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When multiple states report deceased candidates winning midterm elections, it is a sad day in America.

The Western Journal reports. Tennessee Democrats still had a chance to re-elect a woman who died nearly two weeks before Election Day.

A Tennessee state representative died at the age of 93 on Oct. 25.

Cooper defeated independent Michael Porter by 7,999 votes to 2,942, probably due to early voting and name recognition.

Tennessee’s secretary of state’s website states that voters can vote by mail if they have a “statutory reason.” Among them are being too old, being absent from the country, serving jury duty, and being physically disabled. Early voting started on Oct. 19, six days before Cooper’s untimely death. However, you can also vote early if you wish, normally up to 20 days before the election, “purely for the convenience of the voter.” 

Tennessee isn’t the only state who has deceased candidates winning elections.

The Post Millennial reports. Tony DeLuca has been reelected as Pennsylvania state representative, despite dying last month.

As the longest-serving member of the state House of Representatives, DeLuca served 39 years in office. Pennsylvania House Democrats congratulated the winner in an evening tweet.

By the time DeLucs died from lymphoma at the age of 85, it was too late to change the election ballots or the candidate running for the district. As far as the election was concerned, the green party candidate was the only candidate challenging him, and Deluca’s lead was sizable over the Green Party candidate Zarah Livingston. With more than 85% of the vote, he won the seat.

It is a sad day for American democracy when a candidate can win an election despite being deceased. This is a clear sign that the leftists have taken control and are pushing their agenda onto the American people. This is a travesty and a sign of the decline of our once great nation. We must take back our country and return it to its rightful owners, the American people. Otherwise, we will continue down this path of decline and destruction. God bless America!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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