Biden Handicapped As Handlers REFUSE To Say Why Joe Was Caught With Something In His Hand

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Even when the White House would prefer Biden to hang out in his Delaware basement for the rest of his presidency, Joe Biden answers questions from the press regularly. But due to his dementia, the staff needs to supplement his mental acuity with pre approved lists.

Town Hall Reports. In his time in office, President Joe Biden has been known for calling on a list of pre-approved reporters during press conferences. During his first press conference following Tuesday night’s midterm elections, the list appeared once again.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Biden admitted that he had a pre-selected list of 10 reporters to take questions from.

Now following Biden’s open admission that he was going to ignore the other 90 reporters in the room, there was quite a stir that followed.

The Daily Caller pressed the White House on why the president has a list, and what determines which reporters get on the list.

The White House’s Deputy Press Secretary Olivia Dalton stated “Eh, not sharing. I don’t have anything to share with you on that,” The Daily Caller pressed again if the White House does “not want to say” what determines who is on the list.

“I don’t have anything to share with you on that,” Dalton repeated.

Following that reply there were reports coming from White House Sources that First lady Jill Biden reportedly confronted White House staff after the press briefing, demanding to know why Biden was allowed to speak for two hours.

Given that Biden cannot be trusted to formulate his own sentences, from a PR standpoint it makes sense that they would want to limit the President’s exposure as much as possible. But while that works for Biden, it does not work well for the American people. The President is supposed to be working for the people, and the president is supposed to be accountable to the people. If there is a pre-selected list of questions to be asked, and a predetermined and well thought out answer, that feels more like a third world dictatorship with just the pretense of being a fair and free nation.
When Trump would go in front of reporters for hours and duke it out with reporters, which honestly could have been one of the most American things about Trump’s presidency. Just how cool it is to sit there and watch citizens, albeit members of the press, asking questions and having verbal arguments with the sitting leader of a nation, and saying some things that would have probably ended badly if that conversation was had at a bar, and having the freedom to do it is incredible. That is a prime example of what America should be,and what it was founded to be, the freedom of speech, and the freedom of the press are bedrocks of this ideal. What we have now is a farce.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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