Joy Behar Cries After Ron DeSantis Beats Andrew Gillum in Florida

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OH! Liberals cry over Republican victory again!

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There have been plenty of instances when the left has cried over a Republican victory in the past.

Washington Examiner reports. Joy Behar expressed her disappointment in Ron DeSantis’ reelection to her co-hosts on Wednesday.

Her response was, “I can’t stand him.”.

Watch here.

The result was a DeSantis’ 59.4% to 40% victory over Crist, with more than 95% of votes reported.

Despite less-than-satisfactory performances from Trump-endorsed candidates, DeSantis has sparked speculation about a 2024 campaign. The Democratic Party’s messaging prevented a “blue tsunami” in the midterm elections, according to Behar.

Watch here.

There has been trouble with Joy Behar’s choice of words in the past, and it appears that the same thing is happening again. 

Nicki reported. Behar’s tenure on the show has been filled with controversy. According to CNN, she suggested that members of the LGTBQ+ community simply “come out” to their families in 2021. Her comments about Judge Judy have rubbed some people the wrong way this time, and the outspoken television personality is once again being criticized.

Behar may now have to prepare a second apology. In a November 9 episode of “The View,” Judge Judy claimed Justin Bieber was “scared to death” of her because she enjoys making people fear her. That’s when Behar made the comment.

Let’s see it

It’s no surprise that liberals like Joy Behar and their leftist propaganda are attacking the successful Governor DeSantis. The Left hates it when conservative, Trump-endorsed candidates prove them wrong and thrive in their positions. That’s why we can’t trust their opinions or messaging, as we saw in the midterms when they predicted a “blue tsunami” that never came to fruition. Instead, we should focus on leaders like DeSantis who are actually getting things done and sparking speculation about a 2024 campaign. And while I’m disappointed to see Behar attack the governor, I have faith that she will inevitably have to apologize again, just like she did with her ridiculous comments in the past. I’ll take someone like DeSantis who has proven himself time and time again over liberals like Behar any day.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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