PAYDAY! Biden Sends MORE CASH to Ukraine – The Total Amount Now will STUN You

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Ukraine is receiving security assistance worth up to $400 million from the U.S. Department of Defense.

The Washington Examiner reports, It is the 25th drawdown of equipment from the department’s inventories since August 2021 as a result of the department’s latest $400 million security aid package announced on Nov. 4.

According to Jake Sullivan, national security adviser at the White House, the new aid package includes important contributions to air defense such as missiles for HAWK air-defense systems, four Avenger air-defense systems, and Stinger missiles, as well as ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, PBS notes.

The equipment also includes 400 rocket launchers, demolition equipment for removing obstacles, and cold-weather protective clothing.

US security assistance has totaled over $19.3 billion since the beginning of the administration since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February.

On Thursday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked President Joe Biden and the American people for their continuous support.

Zelensky tweeted, “Thank you @POTUS & friendly people for showing solidarity once again – an aid package including Avenger air defense systems & missiles for Hawk air defense systems. Together we’re building an air shield to protect Ukrainian civilians. We’re bringing victory over the aggressor closer!”

In a time when our country is facing so many challenges, it is outrageous that the Biden administration is sending billions of dollars to Ukraine. Our nation is struggling with inflation, crime, and a southern border that is out of control, and yet our tax dollars are being used to prop up a foreign government. This is not what the American people want or need. We need new leadership in the White House that will put America first. We need to start looking toward the future and elects Republicans in 2024 who will save our country from this disastrous course. Only then will we be able to get our country back on track.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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