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K. After an insanely overwhelming defeat, a Democrat went into hiding rather than face criticism. 

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It should be pretty clear by now that Democrats tend to hide from any and all criticisms, especially when they lose or are obviously wrong. In this case following a massive defeat one deleted her social media account.

Western Journal reports. Senator Tim Scott won re-election in South Carolina on Tuesday, defeating Democratic state representative Krystle Matthews, who promptly deleted her Twitter account.

In South Carolina, the last votes are still being counted, but Scott won with more than 63 percent of the vote, according to western journal.

Scott’s triumph over Matthews gives him a second full term in the U.S. Senate, the Associated Press reported.

Upon his victory, Scott tweeted to thank South Carolina voters.

“Thank you, South Carolina! I am humbled to continue serving this great state. We will never back down in this fight for a strong South Carolina and a free America!”

In contrast, Matthews’ official campaign account promptly disappeared from the social media platform. One twitter user tweeting “South Carolina U.S. Senate Democratic candidate Krystle Matthews IMMEDIATELY DELETES her Twitter account after losing to Senator Tim Scott,” 

Another twitter user tweeted.” Oh my gosh! f you are taking coping advice from the New York Times; your problems are way bigger than you think!” Citing a tweet from the new york Times with advice on how to cool down after an election cycle, which suggested limiting social media exposure. 

Although this is a major victory for the only black Republican in the senate, and it appears that this will be his last victory in the Senate.

The Ap reports. Senator Tim Scott won re-election Tuesday from South Carolina to what he has called his final six-year term, but he may have bigger ambitions in the future.

Scott defeated Democratic state Rep. Krystle Matthews. As a result of Jim DeMint’s resignation, then Governor Nikki Haley appointed him to the US Senate.

Scott, 57, has spent as much time helping other Republicans as he has campaigning. He released a memoir called “America, A Redemption Story,” where he tells his story of being raised by a single mother and his rise as a Black Republican in South Carolina.

Scott celebrated his win and didn’t say what the future holds, but he winked a little at it by telling the story of how he took his grandfather to the polls in 2012 and he voted for his grandson and Democrat Barack Obama — a proud ballot cast for the first Black president.

Tim Scott has moved into being one of the most loved and revered senators in the country. While that is true for Scott, his opponent instead of taking the loss professionally has chosen to hide. Goes to show you that the voters made the right call when it comes to someone who is willing to be held accountable for not just their successes but their failures also. The mark of any true leader is one that will accept failure as well as any defeat. 

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