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 A trend was discovered after midterms by exit polling that single women played a huge part in the failure of the red wave. 

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Considering the dismal results from the midterms, every Republican strategist is looking for answers as to why the election did not live up to the hype. One answer they have found is quite shocking.

Daily wire reported. During the 2022 midterm elections, unmarried women voted overwhelmingly for Democrats.

Compared to married individuals favoring GOP candidates this year, a CNN exit poll of 18,571 total respondents found 68% of single women marked their ballots for Democratic politicians — a 37-point margin over the Republican Party.

Mollie Hemmingway a blue check on twitter tweeted “One of the fascinating things about our ongoing political realignment is the massive political incentive Democrats have to keep women unmarried,”

Studies suggest single women vote Democrat more often than married women because they depend on a single income, have feminist attitudes about social issues like abortion and premarital sexual behavior, and agree with ideologies that redefine gender roles and family responsibilities.

Larry Elder, a former California governor candidate and host of a radio show, claims the welfare state encourages women to marry the government and men to abandon their financial responsibilities.

Let’s watch.

While single women are tilting towards democrats, the married women still favor Republicans. 

NY Times reported. A quarter century after the term “soccer mom” was coined, female suburban voters remain a key swing constituency and, amid the coronavirus pandemic, crime and education are again crucial concerns. But recent polls have shown that unlike in 1996, independent female voters are tilting toward Republicans. 

Polling has shown that married women tend to swing towards Republicans as crime rate is increasing in suburban communities, and while this statistic remains true that does not mean that the suburbs are not competitive for Democrats. 

Democrats will continue to work on keeping the trend going as traditional marriages are rapidly becoming a thing of the past across the country. Just like everything else the Democrats do not care about the success of America, its individual families, or anything that is outside of their grasp for power. They will follow the polls, and will do everything that they can to increase their odds at winning, and retaining that power. Even if it means killing babies, and diminishing the American family narrative. Shame.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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