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Battle cries are ringing out as the battle for house leadership is being taken up, and many are blaming GOP leadership for the failures during the midterm elections.

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Republicans are called on to discuss if a member of their party should be Speaker of the House.

The Daily Caller reports. Andy Biggs, former chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, suggested Thursday that Republicans should discuss whether Kevin McCarthy should be the next Speaker.

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McCarthy announced his candidacy for Speaker on Wednesday, running unopposed at the moment. Despite the fact that more than 30 races have not yet been called, Republicans are expected to hold between 220 and 225 seats in the House. After the midterm elections, many Republicans, including McCarthy and his supporters, predicted that the GOP would hold more than 230 seats.

McCarthy’s leadership of the lower chamber has been questioned publicly by at least three Republicans, including Biggs. McCarthy has not earned the vote of Virginia Representative Bob Good, while Florida Representative Matt Gaetz is reportedly lambasting the Californian.

McCarthy makes himself appear unqualified to hold such a position without any help from anyone.

The Hill reports. In the early hours of Wednesday morning, a jubilant Republican party was expected to hear McCarthy’s victory speech. By that time, many attendees had already left.


He kept his remarks brief since it was still unclear whether his party had won the House.

Last year, McCarthy predicted that the GOP would pick up more than 60 seats in the chamber due to a red wave. Before Roe v. Wade was reversed, Republicans were still hoping to win dozens of House seats after a campaign focused on economic woes and Joe Biden’s underwater ratings.

Republicans should absolutely be discussing whether Kevin McCarthy should be Speaker of the House. After all, he’s the one who prematurely declared victory on election night, only to see his party’s majority evaporate. He’s the one who said the GOP would hold more than 230 seats, when in reality they may only end up with 220 or so. And he’s the one who has been buddy-buddy with Nancy Pelosi throughout this whole process. Republicans need a leader who is willing to stand up to Pelosi and fight for conservative values, not someone who is going to cut deals and give away the store. If McCarthy can’t provide that kind of leadership, then perhaps it’s time for someone else to step up and take his place.

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