Republican Congressman Makes Major Announcement

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The former NRCC chair has made a major announcement after claiming that Republicans took control of the house, Pelosi better watch out!

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Former National Republican Congressional Committee Chair Tom Emmer, a republican Congressman out of Minnesota, has made an announcement that he intends to take charge in the halls of congress.

Breitbart reports. After an underwhelming performance as chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), Minnesota Congressman Tom Emmer announced his candidacy for House Republican Whip on Wednesday.

Emmer spoke to reporters after Tuesday’s midterm elections; although many races have yet to be called, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) chairman said Republicans will take back the House.

Emmer said that, as the Republican whip, he would empower members and utilize relationships to carry out a Republican agenda. “The whip’s job is really knowing the country and being able to work with members to say, look, we want you to be successful. How can we help you to be successful while at the same time allowing us to do the things that we need to do for the American people so that we can put this thing on a better track? It’s not rocket science. It’s about relationships and about making sure that people are empowered to do what they know is right and I think we’re going to have a great experience with it.”

This comes after Nancy Pelosi had serious doubts about her future in Congress. 

Daily wire reports. In a new interview this week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that if Democrats lose control of the House after Tuesday’s midterm elections, she will decide whether to retire from Congress based on the attack on her husband, Paul Pelosi.


Emmer is a close ally of President Trump and has been a vocal critic of Pelosi, calling her a “terrible Speaker” who has failed to deliver on her promises. He has also accused her of being out of touch with the American people, and has vowed to work with president Trump to “fix America”.

The economy is a key issue for Emmer, who has promised to tackle inflation and debt. He also supports a strong military and is opposed to further involvement in foreign wars. Emmer’s views are sure to appeal to many Republicans, who are looking for a leader who can fix America’s problems and keep the country safe.

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