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All thanks to the Democratic Farmer Labor Parties efforts in a recent election, it appears that this state will finally get legal weed in the upcoming weeks.

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Across the country states are making massive moves to legalize marijuana, and some states are keeping its status as illegal. But for the residents of Minnesota, it appears that they are finally about to get their wish when it comes to marijuana, and not getting arrested for having it. 

Daily wire reports. Come next year, Minnesota may be the next state to legalize marijuana.

Minnesota’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) flipped the state Senate on Tuesday, securing a trifecta for the first time in nearly a decade: both chambers of the state legislature and the governorship. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz reportedly told former Governor Jesse Ventura in a phone call that marijuana legalization would be one of the first bills passed through this trifecta.

Former Governor Jesse Ventura said in a statement “ The sticking point for cannabis in Minnesota were the Republicans and the house they controlled, Well, they’ve lost it now, and the governor reassured me that one of the first items that will be passed — Minnesota, get ready — cannabis is going to have its prohibition lifted.”

Back in april Minnesottas governor Tim Walz stated via twitter that he intended to legalize adult-use marijuana, and expunge cannabis convictions in Minnesota. Which would cement the huge victory for the Democrat party in the state for years to come.

Across the country ballot initiatives were decided on individual states legalization of marijuana.

CNN reported. Ballot measures to legalize recreational marijuana use will fail in three states and pass in two, CNN projects, as momentum has grown nationwide to push for lifting penalties once associated with cannabis.

The states that rejected legalization of recreational marijuana are Arkansas, North DAkota, South Dakota.

The States who approved ballot measures are Maryland, Missouri, and Minnesota.

Like it or hate it, marijuana is beginning to take foot holds in major portions of the United States, and although it still remains federally illegal to possess, use or transfer marijuana. With those federal restrictions in place it makes it very difficult to get money made from the distribution centers into bank accounts, and that remains a major roadblock for states and businesses who have legalized the substance. While there are proponents for legalization at the federal level, it is likely going to take a long time for the feds to even consider a full blown legalization, or could be tomorrow if the polls dictate it. Crazy how all of this works. 

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