WOW: Shocking Video Shows Human Toll Of Illegal Immigration

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A shocking video is going viral that shows what Texas State Troopers have to deal with on a daily basis, and the human lives that are at risk by the border crisis.

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Following a traffic stop near the border in Zavala County, Texas, eight migrants jumped out of a pickup truck. A trooper from the Department of Public Safety arrested the female driver and turned over two migrants to Border Patrol agents.

Breitbart reports. DPS troopers initiated a traffic stop on US Highway 57 near La Pryor on a silver Ford F-150 pickup truck. A video tweeted by DPS spokesman Lt. Christopher Olivarez showed a group of eight migrants jumping out of the truck as it came to a stop.

Watch this human tragedy.

This isn’t the first shocking video that Texas Department of Public Safety has released. 

Breitbart reports, A DPS drone pilot, working under Gov. Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star, used thermal imaging to locate 37 migrants, according to a tweet from state officials. A Special Operations Group trooper located the migrants at the scene.


With high tech or low tech equipment the Texas DPS have their hands full with attempting to keep their citizens safe with the Biden border crisis. So far this year over 2.4 MILLION illegal immigrants have come across the border. That is a ton of work, and the human toll of lives that has taken has been staggering. Furtherm, the driver of the silver truck being arrested for human smuggling just goes to show that people who are trying to get into this country illegally will take any risk necessary to make sure they get to an American city. 

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