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hard financial times are ahead according to one of the world’s Richest men, and he gave advice on how we can get through a portion of it.

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The world is quickly sliding into a massive recession, and with a depression to quickly follow. Adding to that the rising costs of fuel, and everyday products it looks like Biden’s dark winter is finally coming to fruition. Now, even Jeff Bezos is ringing alarm bells to warn every day people that bad times are ahead. 

Newsmax reported. Bezos offers some advice to Americans worried the U.S. economy might further contract or enter a recession in 2023: Don’t take risks. 

Bezos recently advised consumers against purchasing big-ticket items like televisions and cars in an interview with CNN Business.


Scary times are indeed ahead for us, as Biden’s poor leadership is driving the world into a shortage that will affect everything we try to buy.

Daily caller reported. As winter approaches, diesel stockpiles in the U.S. are at their lowest point in 70 years, alarming the Biden administration and energy providers. The American Federation of Labor sent FOIA requests to the Energy Department, Transportation Department and Agriculture Department to determine whether the government was involved in exacerbating the “potential catastrophe” of supply shortages.

AFL Senior Counselor and Director of Oversight Reed D. Rubinstein stated “ We believe there is a straight line between Biden’s policies and the market’s behavior … it is beyond doubt that within the span of just two years, America became a net energy exporter to a net importer — dependent on foreign sources of oil”

Oil and gas companies have been blamed by President Biden for not investing enough money to boost refining capacity and have threatened to pay taxes on windfall profits on Oct. 31. According to the American Petroleum Institute and the American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers, the plan would raise prices for consumers and discourage investment.

Rubinstein Finished his comments with “We intend to release any findings to the public so that the citizens affected by these policies can see what the government knew, and when they knew about this impending diesel shortage, Congress is interested in this issue and may well conduct their own investigations.”

With diesel shortages, gasoline price hikes, natural gas shortages, and pending food shortages it feels like we are living in a time where America is a third world country. Could you imagine a few years back thinking that we would be running out of diesel fuel, and thus sparking a crisis that could starve millions of people? Or that one of the richest men in the world issued warnings for people to not buy moderately expensive items? This is just a symptom of the cause, and that cause is Joe Biden. These things happening never would have been imaginable under Trump, as he never would have allowed this to happen, period. America is in for a rough road over the coming months please do all you can to prepare for the worst, as Biden promised us a dark winter is coming.

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Next News Network Team

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