WORST NIGHTMARE: Tulsi Gabbard’s New Job Will Strike Fear into EVERY Democrat

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It’s official – Tulsi Gabbard has struck a deal with FOX News. The former Democrat Congresswoman from Hawaii recently announced that she was leaving the Democratic Party, and now it seems she’s been welcomed with open arms by FOX. This is definitely a win for Gabbard, who has been outspoken in her criticisms of the Democrats. 

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Tulsi Gabbard has joined Fox News as a contributor.

The Hill reports, in addition to being a regular guest on Tucker Carlson Tonight, the channel’s top-rated prime-time show, the former congresswoman has made regular appearances on the network over the past several months.

After breaking with the Democratic Party last month, Gabbard said it was now run by elitist warmongers who are motivated by cowardly wokeness.”

The former Hawaii Democratic representative ran for president in 2020, and since has become a leading critic of liberals, even campaigning alongside Trump-backed Republicans in the recent midterm elections.

Tulsi Gabbard’s deal with FOX News is a win for her. She’s been outspoken in her criticisms of the Democrats, and now she has a platform to share her views with even more people. On FOX, she’ll be able to reach a wider audience and make her case for why the Republican Party is the party of common sense. The Republican Party is the party committed to making America great again. We believe in common sense policy and putting the American people first. We believe in freedom and opportunity for all, and we stand up for our values, and Tulsi Gabbard understands this. It’s time for more Democrats to be like Tulsi. 

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