BOOM! Kari Lake with Army of Lawyers Prepare For All Out War

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 Kari lake is a fighter to the core! She is not backing down in her attempts to get to the bottom of the election day irregularities, and she will stop at nothing until she gets her answers. 

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Kari lake released a video going over the points of he legal challenges, and to let voters know that she is a fighter, and she has many rounds left in her. 

Fox news Reported. Arizona Republican Kari Lake is lawyering up and could look to legally contest the result of the governor race after it was officially called for Democratic Governor-elect Katie Hobbs on Monday. 


Some of the legal challenges are coming from machines being down on election day. 

Fox news wrote. Maricopa County, Arizona, Supervisor Bill Gates apologized after roughly 20% of their polling sites had problems with tabulation machines reading ballots just hours after Election Day polls opened. 

The Arizona county had explained that some machines had problems with their printers and were not producing dark enough ink on ballots.


It seems that Arizona can never get anything right when it comes to the Election counting. Everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong there somehow, and it is well within the right of Kari Lake to ask questions, and demand answers. But people should know that to her core Kari Lake is a fighter, and she will continue fighting until she gets what she is after, or there is no path left to victory. That is dedication to the highest degree.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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