Race-Baiting View Host Drops Another Whopper On Live TV That Latinos Will Be Furious Over

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It appears that the View is all about peddling racist remarks now that it is official that leftists cannot be called out for their insane rhetoric.

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For years it has appeared that every time a conservative opened their mouth the first thing a liberal would scream is racism. But now that the left refuses to call out their own for racist remarks they are finally showing their true colors.

Newusters reported. Peddling her usual race-traitor bigotry against Latinos who don’t vote for Democrats, The View co-host Sunny Hostin commiserated on Wednesday with actor and political activist John Leguizamo about how their fellow Latinos were tricked into voting Republican because of “fear tactics” and “trigger words” like “communism” and “socialism.”


Recently Sunny Hostin was caught using her platform to spread misinformation to Democrat voters.

American outlook reported. Sunny Hostin recently lied about Republicans wanting the voting age to be raised to 28. Nobody called her out on this, but it seems like she made the whole thing up. 

Watch as Sunny Hostin lies to her viewers.

Nicholas Fondacaro Tweeted. “Citing ZERO EVIDENCE, Sunny claims the GOP’s official position is to raise the voting age to 28. Literally, no one in a position of influence in the GOP is arguing for that. There was no correction by ABC News.” 

Her comment about Republicans plotting to raise the voting age to 28 was not an accident because the 26th Amendment sets the voting age in the Constitution, she was reading from a script.

All the left does is lie, and say crazy stuff. But it is incredible that if a conservative hispanic guy or girl went on tv and said the same exact stuff that these people say they would have protesters in front of their houses, they would have sponsors cancel, and there would be outrage. But if your on the left you are celebrated for your ideas, and how great you are for saying the same stuff. Further, Sunny Hostin literally was reading from a teleprompter about the fake news of the right trying to increase the voting age. Why don’t they fact check themselves? Or even better yet why are no formal apologies being demanded for the insane fake news they are putting out. This needs to change, and it needs to change now.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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