YES!!! Bill Gates BLINDSIDED After 50 Orgs Issue GLOBAL WARNING On The Danger He Poses To Planet

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You won’t believe who is going after Bill Gates now!

In an open letter addressed to the media, fifty organizations dedicated to food sovereignty and food justice issues called out Bill Gates over his latest claim that technology is the solution to world hunger. The letter calls out Gates’ flawed assumptions, hubris, and ignorance, and exploitation of people, while he continues to use his platform to push for global domination in the agricultural industry. The signatories of the letter are calling on the media to stop giving Gates a platform and instead start covering the issue of food sovereignty in a more balanced way. They argue that Gates’ focus on technology ignores the complex social, economic, and political factors that contribute to hunger and food insecurity. They also express concern about his plans to control the world food supply through technology, saying that this would give him unprecedented power over poor and marginalized people who are already struggling to access food. The letter ends with a call for him to step back and actually learn from those on the ground rather than dictate from his lofty globalist perch attempting to control the world’s food supply.

Children’s Heath Defense reports, Earlier this month, the groups published an open letter addressing Gates’ comments in interviews with The New York Times and The Associated Press.

Community Alliance for Global Justice/AGRA Watch and the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa wrote the letter,

“In both articles, you make a number of claims that are inaccurate and need to be challenged. Both pieces admit that the world currently produces enough food to adequately feed all the earth’s inhabitants, yet you continue to fundamentally misdiagnose the problem as relating to low productivity; we do not need to increase production as much as to assure more equitable access to food.”

In a statement to viewers, Russell Brand expressed solidarity with the letter’s authors and sided against Gates, calling it a “beautiful letter.”

Nefarious and harmful indeed as the authors criticized Gates’ assertions that agriculture has been underinvested in and that the Green Revolution is “one of the greatest things that ever happened.”

Brand was quick to point out, it “is not a conspiracy theory…These are harmful policies designed to centralize power”

Aside from criticizing Gates’ advocacy for genetically modified seeds, the letter argued that climate-resilient seeds have already been developed by farmers and are traded on informal seed markets.

Brand echoed the argument made by the food sovereignty group.

Give Bill Gates more power? I think not.

As “Bill Gates” was trending on Twitter last night many users were quick to point out Gates other nefarious activities, one being population control.

Liz_churchill tweeted this video of Bill Gates giving a TED Talk advocating to reduce the global population by 10-15 percent.

She also tweeted this video of Gates proclaiming the “good news” of advocating for the reduction of “Family size.”

Another user “X x 1 7 9 6 5 7 9 7 N” shared a video of BILL GATES, discussing his idea of the forbidden topic of what he called himself “Death Panels”, where money used to keep poor & sick people alive could be better spent on Teachers.

Gates believes death panels, HIS OWN WORDS, will soon be necessary to end the lives of sick and unwell people due to “very, very high medical costs”.

The plans for the “death panels” that Bill Gates has laid out echo the language of the World Economic Forum regarding euthanasia, as well as the Canadian government’s devilish solution to inflation, homelessness, skyrocketing crime, and food shortages – euthanasia for the poor.

It has been reported that the Trudeau regime is now offering to pay for the euthanasia of the poor. A point a recent guest of Tucker Carlson called, “medicalized violence”.

Diabolical indeed.

As the world’s richest man and one of its most powerful philanthropists, Bill Gates wields a tremendous amount of influence. With great power comes great responsibility. It’s time for Gates to use his platform and resources to support solutions that respect people’s rights and dignity, instead of promoting initiatives that benefit only himself and his corporate cronies.

It is beyond horrific that someone like Bill Gates, with all of his money and power, is using his platform to push for global domination. His latest claim that technology is the solution to world hunger is not only flawed, but ignorant and hubristic. Worse yet, he has called for death panels to end the lives of sick people due to “very, very high medical costs”. It’s time to stop Gates before he can do any more harm. If we don’t, he will continue to control the world food supply and manipulate people for his own gain. We can’t let him get away with it any longer. Lock him up and throw away the key!

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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