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Just like when Australia launched its war against Emus- and lost. New York Mayor Eric Adams declares war on a rodent.

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Well Eric Adams is declaring war. For decades NYC has been infested with a horrific rat problem, and little was done to combat it, but now there may be some reprieve in sight.

Daily caller reports. New York City Mayor Eric Adams signed legislation Thursday to curb the city’s rat population. 

In a tweet Adams declared “WATCH OUT, RATS! @NYCMayor signed a new set of bills that will create rat mitigation zones and put into law new trash set out times to reduce the amount of time bags sit out on city curbs. We’re winning this war on rats.”

The four bills Adams signed will create rat mitigation zones, codify garbage set out times, and reduce rats in construction areas and other buildings prone to rodent infestations, Adams said. The following measures build off legislation Adams signed last month that reduces rats and trash on the streets.

This news comes after a viral video was released showcasing just how bad the rat problem is in NYC.

Daily mail reported. A furry rat was seen window shopping in a luxury leather store, Il Bisonte, in Manhattan’s West Village on Wednesday evening to the surprise of those passing by and the store manager. 

The boutique, which also sells its products at the infamous Saks Fifth Avenue, has since been temporarily shut down due to the rodent’s unplanned visit. 


After they were seen enjoying a greasy slice of dollar pizza, a few rats in New York City became extremely popular, leaving social media users joyously shocked and horrified at the same time.  

Despite New York’s well-known rat population, which has grown both in size and popularity on social media, it is not home to the largest rodent population. 

The US’s rattiest city is Chicago, despite New York City being a close second. 

Good luck to Mayor Adams with his war on rats, maybe he can clean out some of the ratty politicians while he is at it. Further, Chicago does hold the tile of having the worst rat population. Maybe Lori Lightfoot will give it some consideration as she is apparently failing at everything else she does. But, for NYC they have major issues with garbage collection, and food and other trash sitting on streets for days before collection time, there is a lot of work to be done if NYC is going to get rid of its rodent population. If history can be a lesson, look at the failed war the Australian government put on against the EMU’s and it took the entirety of the Australian army to lose to the animal.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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