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Let’s take a look at the recent demand for a new election in Arizona after Kari Lake seemingly lost.

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake isn’t the only one who believes that the widespread problems at polling stations on Election Day earlier this month warrant a new election.

An open letter authored by Arizona citizens calling for a new election continues to circulate throughout Arizona, according to a press release from US Election Integrity Plan. There is a demand from citizens that the new election be held without electronic voting equipment and mail-in ballots. There is no doubt that Arizonans are a persistent and powerful force.

In the letter, the citizens of Arizona clearly express their seriousness and commitment, “We the people of Arizona deserve better, and we demand better.”. The citizens’ stance on the ground is clear: “Elections belong to the people.” “We demand transparent, free, and fair state elections.” A promise is made at the end of the letter: “[citizens] will peacefully descend on Arizona until the new election takes place.”

And you can add Donald Trump to the chorus of voices.

Pointing to Voting Issues in Maricopa County Trump Says, ‘Redo the Arizona Election’ ,

Trump wrote in a post on Gab on Nov. 22, “This Election was a disgrace, everything was geared by Republicans toward Election Day and then, when it finally came around, the Republican machines were systematically broken… They should at minimum redo the Arizona Election,”

Newt Gingrich can be added to the list as well. He is also calling for an ‘Honest Count’ in the Arizona Election.

Republican National Committee attorneys observing election sites in the county report that long lines and frustrated voters left the vote centers without voting, resulting in “substantial voter suppression.”

This finding was described as “astonishing” by Gingrich, who noted that Republican voters, who tend to vote on Election Day, were particularly affected.

It is Gingrich’s opinion that if the issue had affected primarily democrats, “you would’ve had a huge outcry.”

This follows news of Kari Lake’s urgent message to the people of Arizona – telling them she is prepared to fight.

Meanwhile, Cochise County supervisors delayed certifying the results of last week’s vote after hearing that counting machines weren’t certified. Similar actions are taking place six hours away in Mohave County as they hold off certifying the state election until November 28.

Those developments follow an explosive letter from Arizona Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Wright calling for answers and accountability for the Maricopa County election disaster. As outlined in a letter sent Saturday, there have been allegations of malfunctions regarding the reading of ballots printed on county printers with faulty ink, as well as possible improprieties surrounding the transportation of ballots to a county facility.

The widespread problems at polling stations on Election Day earlier this month were a disgrace and warrant a new election. This is not just Kari Lake’s opinion, but Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich and thousands of voters across Arizona agree. The new election must be held without electronic voting equipment and mail-in ballots to ensure transparent elections. This is the only way to move forward and restore faith in the political process. Time is of the essence – we cannot allow these faulty results to stand.Republicans insist on clean elections and it’s time they put their money where their mouth is.This is not a partisan issue – if the roles were reversed, Democrats would be just as outraged. It’s time for a new election that is fair, transparent and above all else, accurate. Let’s make sure every vote counts!

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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