RINO ALERT: Paul Ryan Tells Us All How He Really Feels

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Paul Ryan makes an announcement about how he really feels about Trump, and his 2024 chances.

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Following Trump’s last term in office it was pretty clear how Paul Ryan felt about one of the most beloved Presidents in history. 

Washington Examiner reports. After Donald Trump’s third White House bid was announced less than a week ago, former House Speaker Paul Ryan declared himself a “never-again Trumper.”

Ryan expressed gratitude for his time working with Trump when they were both in office but said there are better options for 2024 in an interview with Jonathan Karl on ABC’s This Week on Sunday.


Recently Paul Ryan spent time out on the media trail blasting Trump.

Daily caller writes. Fox Business reports that former House Speaker Paul Ryan believes “anyone not named Trump” could win the Republican presidential nomination in 2024. In an interview with Fox Business’ “Varney & Co.” on Oct. 25, Ryan said the GOP will “want to win so badly” it won’t nominate Donald Trump.

According to Ryan, it’s more likely that the GOP will lose with Trump given that he isn’t popular among suburban voters. He added that the GOP is “going to want to win.”


Paul Ryan should wake up and smell the coffee. He believes that because the establishment Republicans sabotaged so many of the Trump backed races, and those candidates lost, that they can lay those failures around Trump’s neck? Give me a break. One thing Ryan has refused to admit to, is the fact that in a Republican Primary how many of the Trump backed candidates swept the floor with the Establishment Rino Elites. Ryan fails to realize that Trump has not lost as much public favor as the elites want you to think,  in fact it is quite the opposite, he has grown tremendously in regard from the conservatives, and RINOS like Paul Ryan are fading into oblivion.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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