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Alarm bells are ringing over the popular app Tiktok, and the CCP’s influence on our children.

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Concerns over TikTok and their data collections on our children have been around for years, but recently the democrats are taking a harder look at it.

Daily caller reported. Democratic Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia said Sunday that former President Donald Trump correctly labeled TikTok as an “enormous threat.” Warner raised a concern about the CCP-tied app in addition to its data acquisition.


Recently a report came out on how China is giving our kids the most addicting version of the app.

Daily caller wrote. According to a recent report, the Chinese government offers its children a more limited, beneficial version of the popular app TikTok than the “opium version” offered in the United States.


There is no doubt about what the Chinese government is doing. While they are promoting a degradation of society in the United States and throughout the world, at home they are promoting education and other country building videos. It is obvious that the CCP is trying to manipulate a societal decline in the United States by focusing on jobs like influencers instead of career paths that enrich the country. Only Americans are now addicted to the type of media being pushed through TikTok, and there is no telling how much data the CCP has collected from its users. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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