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 Looks like a school in California is getting a brand new club to attend after school, and it focuses on Satanism.

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Religious freedom is on the table with a new after school club being introduced to elementary students in Bakersfield, California.

Daily mail reports. Parents are outraged after finding out a California elementary school is allowing an ‘After School Satan Club’ on campus where there are children as young as five years old. 

The club was recently created at the Golden Hills Elementary School in Tehachapi, California, located in Kern County. 

In an interview with KBAK, one parent described the decision to allow the club, founded by the Satanic Temple and the Reason Alliance, as ‘disgusting,’ while another called it ‘a mistake.’ 


Tucker Carlson took a swing at the club also during an interview with a church of Satan representative.

Fox news reported. Earlier this year, Tucker Carlson interviewed Greaves live on air about the After School Satan Club. 

He asked Greaves and other organizers if they had faced pushback from parents and school administrators or if they were passive like everyone else in America.

Carlson argued that school districts allowing clubs could be harmful and open the door to other clubs of the same type.


While it is appalling that the school district would allow this, how to feel about it is quite a conundrum. On one hand – this should absolutely not be allowed near our children, while on the other religious freedom is at stake. But, any club that openly promotes satanic ideals should be no where near our children, at all, ever. The school district should have not allowed this to happen, and immediately cancel the program, as it clearly is made for a publicity stunt and not for any actual benefits to the children. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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