America Bleeds MORE Money as Joe Biden Commits BILLIONS in Climate Reparations

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Joe Biden is at it again. This time, he’s poured billions of dollars into so-called “climate reparations” as part of his plan to make America the global leader in combating climate change. Never mind that our economy is already bleeding money – Joe Biden seems determined to make us bleed even more.

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To “show results” from the latest global climate-change summit, the Biden administration signed on to a lunatic “climate reparations” plan.

In the event it works as promised, it will simply transfer wealth from wealthy countries to the (largely corrupt) governing classes of poor countries.

In the wake of Russia’s war on Ukraine, the just-ended international climate talks in Egypt yielded little if any new commitments to reduce emissions; too many developed countries are looking for new sources of energy.

In place of actual progress, the “we need some progress” crew opted for pledges by wealthier countries, allegedly the biggest climate-change offenders, to cover the costs of natural disasters resulting from climate change. 

Over the next year, world leaders hope to finalize the fine print (i.e., who pays what to whom) but America will inevitably be squeezed for the biggest sums. According to a UN estimate from 2021, the fund would cost hundreds of billions of dollars annually.  Despite spewing more CO2 than the United States and Europe combined, China is exempt from the UN climate-change rules because it is considered a “developing” country.

On FOX, Larry Kudlow called the entire plan “a terrible idea.”

On FOX’s ‘Outnumbered,” Jackie DeAngelis said that at this point, America is “bleeding money” and we have to hold our leaders accountable for it. 

Western nations already ship billions of dollars in economic aid and climate measures to poorer nations. Most Third-World “climate-caused disasters” are not clearly caused by climate change: it’s just that global media, fully on board with the hysteria, refuse to question it.

There is no guarantee that average citizens of countries that receive funds will ever see any money from the new aid: The narrative demands ignoring the kleptocratic behavior of their leaders. Counting these countries as “victims,” no questions can be asked.

In the U.S., Americans have suffered enough due to green-agenda idiocy. By restricting fossil-fuel production despite a lack of viable alternatives, energy prices are skyrocketing, and most green subsidies amount to corporate welfare.

Joe Biden’s reckless spending needs to stop now, before it destroys our country completely. His climate reparations plan will simply transfer wealth from our wealthy but struggling country to the (largely corrupt) governing classes of poor countries. The biggest kicker of this entire plan is that despite spewing more CO2 than the United States and Europe combined, China is exempt from the UN climate-change rules because it is considered a “developing” country. This is just another humiliating example of how China is laughing at us. American energy independence is essential, and Joe Biden’s spending is unacceptable. The Americans who are suffering under his presidency need relief, not more taxes. It’s time to impeach this disgraced president and get our country back on track.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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