Tyrants Overstep in Oregon So Gun Owners Are Stepping Up To Fight Back

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When tyrants overstep the law, it is the duty of citizens to stop them. Now as Oregon has clearly overstepped, there has been a lawsuit filed to save the rights of their citizens.

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Oregon has recently passed an extreme measure to restrict the second Amendment in the state, but citizens are fighting back by unleashing a major new lawsuit against the tyrannical overstep.

Townhall reported. Opponents of an impending gun control measure in Oregon have filed a lawsuit to block the legislation before it takes effect. 

On Friday, the Oregon Firearms Federation, the Sherman County Sheriff, and a gun store owner filed the lawsuit in federal court, according to KGW8. This month, the measure narrowly passed in the midterm elections, and it was noted how gun sales skyrocketed in the state.

Measure 114 would expand background checks and require state residents to take a training course and obtain a gun permit. The measure also prohibits selling, possessing, and using magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. The law is slated to go into effect on Dec. 8.

According to the court filings “Banning magazines over 10 rounds is no more likely to reduce criminal abuse of guns than banning high horsepower engines is likely to reduce criminal abuse of automobiles. The only thing the ban contained in 114 ensures is that a criminal unlawfully carrying a firearm with a magazine over 10 rounds will have a potentially devastating advantage over his law-abiding victim,” it continues, noting that the law infringes on Americans’ constitutional rights.

Since the draconian law was passed gun sales have literally skyrocketed.

Townhall reported. There are reports that firearm sales are increasing in Oregon as a measure to restrict gun purchases appears to pass. 

According to ABC-affiliated outlet KEZI, Oregon Measure 114 would require a permit, hands-on training, and fingerprinting by law enforcement to buy a gun. Furthermore, the measure would prohibit the sale of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. To own a gun without a permit would not be illegal, but purchasing one would require a permit.

According to KEZI, over 51 percent of Oregon voters support the measure, and gun sales are on the rise. According to its supporters, it would reduce gun violence. Others, however, disagree. According to Michelle Duncan of Linn County, if the measure passes, her office won’t enforce some parts of it. 

Other states have severe restrictions on firearm purchases, including Illinois who until a couple years ago had not allowed any form of conceal carry. It took a federal lawsuit to bring about the change in that state, and now millions of Illinois citizens are allowed to carry concealed. Further, Illinois has what is called a FOID card and requires that for a citizen to be legally allowed to own, possess or use a firearm they are required to have that form of ID on them, that Id requires a background check and to pay a fee to have the license to exercise their constitutional right. Now as Oregon is moving towards that direction also, it will take massive lawsuits to restore the peoples right that is guaranteed in the constitution.

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