Biden’s Pentagon Kneels Before China With DISGRACEFUL Apology

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Apparently it is now common for Pentagon consultants to apologize to China for other world leaders comments, what kind of America are we living in?

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America has normally not taken an apologetic stance with foreign leaders until Obama was in office, and now Joe Biden is bringing back that trend.

Free beacon reported. Michael Bloomberg, who leads the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Board, apologized to attendees of his annual economic forum after former British prime minister Boris Johnson called the Chinese government a “coercive autocracy.”

Bloomberg on Thursday said that Johnson’s remarks were “his thoughts and his thoughts alone” and were not cleared with him personally. “Some may have been insulted or offended last night by parts of the speaker’s remarks referencing certain countries and their duly elected leaders,” the former New York City mayor told the crowd at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore. “To those of you who were upset and concerned by what the speaker said, you have my apologies.” Johnson had referred to China and Russia as “two former communist tyrannies in which power has once again been concentrated in the hands of a single ruler” in a blistering speech to an audience that included China’s vice president and Chinese business leaders.

In his position as an adviser to President Joe Biden’s Defense Department, Bloomberg has long defended the Chinese government. Bloomberg advises the secretary of defense and other Pentagon leaders on “emerging technologies and innovative approaches that will ensure U.S. military and technological dominance.”

No response was received from the Pentagon regarding Bloomberg’s defense of China. However, the billionaire has a long history of defending Chinese leaders from Western claims of authoritarianism. Bloomberg insisted throughout his presidential bid that Chinese president Xi Jinping “is not a dictator.”

The apology came after Boris Johnson made some accurate comments on the CCP. 

The guardian reported. The former UK prime minister, the after-dinner speaker at the flagship Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore on Tuesday, was said to have described China as a “coercive autocracy” to about 500 Asian businesspeople, investors and diplomats.

While his comments would not be regarded as controversial in the UK, where there is concern over Beijing’s human rights record, approach to Taiwan and closeness to Russia, the majority of Asian countries are much more favorably inclined to China and share strong economic and diplomatic ties with it.

In remarks that may alarm Rishi Sunak’s government and bolster his own support among Conservative MPs, Johnson is also said to have announced that he was taking a “temporary hiatus” from the frontline of British politics, suggesting he still harbors ambitions of returning to power.

Boris was correct to assert those claims, especially with the quote restructuring going on in China right now. China has for a long time, been a leading human rights violator. They have also exerted massive controls over foreign countries and companies here in the United States. While China is setting themselves up to become a superpower here shortly, our domestic interests would be best served if we considered China an adversarial force to be reckoned with, not someone to be feared and appeased.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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