This Liberal Scheme is Striking FEAR Into Your Children and You Need To Know What Is Happening

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A recent survey was released showing that a majority of children now live in terror due to the liberal narrative. 

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Democrats have finally achieved their goal of instilling an incredible fear into children, and teenagers when it comes to the “climate crisis” that the liberal media has been pushing for decades. 

American outlook reported. A new survey has found that upwards of 70 percent of children and teenagers now live in fear of climate change.

More than seven in ten children aged 7-12 are now worried about climate change, research conducted by a UK-based start-up has reportedly found.

It comes amid reports from various experts that children and teenagers of various demographics are experiencing high rates of mental health difficulties, with one school counselor earlier this year saying that anxiety rates have hit an all-time high post-lockdown.

According to a report by Euronews, the survey — which polled 1,000 children born between 2010 and 2015 on their views regarding the environment — found that a total of 71 percent of respondents were now worried about environmental changes, including the changing climate.

27 per cent of respondents in particular said that the impact changing global temperatures were having on animals is their greatest concern, while just under one in five were most concerned about plastic pollution.

This poll comes after increasingly brazen attacks on pieces of culture by the lefts eco terrorists.

Summit News reports, Three youths and an older woman from a group that calls itself ‘Last Generation’ managed to throw flour all over a Warhol work, only to then be incomprehensibly permitted to return to the scene and sit cross-legged on the ground next to the work like stubborn toddlers refusing to cooperate.

They targeted Warhol’s BMW Art Car, a painted sports car from 1979 housed at Milan’s Fabbrica del Vapore.

According to Art News, The BMW art car is one of 20 designed by artists for the German manufacturer. Approximately 13 pounds of paint were applied to the BMW M1 race car by Warhol in 28 minutes.

The left is using fear as a weapon and they are targeting the youth. Sounds like pages directly from a Facist’s playbook from the WW2 era. Targeting the youth has been a favorite tactic of the left, and is a sickening nod of the head to the fascist tactics used to control millions into doing exactly what they want them to do. Next the left will demand kids wear outfits, and armbands and call themselves the climate youth and demand obedience, or the world will be destroyed. These sick actions must be stopped, we must promote freedom, not facism.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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