WOKE Disney Sufferers Another EPIC Box Office Failure – Here’s Their Poor Excuse

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Disney’s new movie Strange World features a LGBTQ main character, and now the movie has failed miserably at the box office, but the excuse for the failure is just shameful. 

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Disney has gone full woke on one of its latest movies, and the country is wholeheartedly rejecting that at the box office. Now the critics are blaming everything else besides the real problem for the downfall of the movie’s release.

Daily caller wrote. Disney’s first movie that features an LGBT lead character has bombed at the box office.

Some fans and film critics attributed the poor showing of the animated Disney picture “Strange World” to poor marketing and producers not adequately promoting the children’s film with the gay lead character named Ethan, according to PinkNews.

JordanWoodson wrote in a tweet “Disney is 100% going to blame STRANGE WORLD’s inevitable bad box office on the fact that there’s an openly gay character in the movie when in reality, it’s going to flop because they didn’t market it at all. They’ll use this as an excuse to not have queer rep ever again.”

The budget of the film was $180 million, the outlet noted. During the preview period which began November 2, the movie grossed about $800,000. 

WDWPro wrote in another tweet “Fall was the worst in nearly 30 years for the box office. Now, Thanksgiving Week was led by a film only making $68m. Meanwhile an animated movie with the name “Disney” on it failed to cross $20m in its debut. That’s three straight Disney animated flops.”

The Gamer wrote a review of the movie, and titled it Disney finally has a queer animated film but theres no marketing for it. The article went into detail how Disney was almost embarrassed to promote the film, and that is why it failed. 

The release of the movie coincided with a recent announcement that Disney is going broke. 

Zero hedge reports. In the past year, the company that once defined family entertainment has suffered over $1.4 billion in streaming losses, and its stock has fallen by about 39%.  In addition, it appears that these financial declines are leading to employee layoffs. The company has frozen hiring, limited employee travel, and reviewed workers for efficiency with plans to implement cuts as a means of making itself “more nimble.” 

Instead of making sound business decisions CEO Bob Chapek doubled down on wokeness. Clip1>>

After the memo was leaked, and financial reports got out. This was the consequence. Clip2>>

You go woke, you go broke. The phrase has been true since it was coined. Many parents are outraged that a cartoon is attempting to educate their children about sexual choice, and many believe the discussion should be held at home instead of on TV. In recent years, Disney has fired people based on their race, introduced some liberal narratives to their movies, and has continuously moved away from their historically family-friendly storylines to ones that promote liberal and woke ideas. America is openly rejecting the woke agenda, as many media companies have discovered and are frantically trying to rectify. It’s time for Disney to drop the crazy and get back to what worked for them for decades.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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