Biden Takes Victory Lap As Another HUGE CRISIS Looms

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Biden is bragging about how good of a job he’s done with the railroad industry, but he forgot one simple fact.

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Biden has a habit of claiming victory over certain issues when they are obviously not fixed. Most notably the economy, gas prices, foreign policy, and now railroads.

Daily caller reported. Fox News’ Martha MacCallum slammed President Joe Biden on Monday for taking a premature “victory lap” on the looming railroad strike.

Biden struck a tentative deal with two major railway unions in September, a move which allowed his administration to avoid supply chain disruptions and economic consequences before the midterm elections. All 12 unions involved in the negotiations must agree to the new deal in order to avoid a strike. While eight unions have voted for the deal, four have voted against it, according to Fox News, raising concerns of potential supply-chain disruptions just before the holidays.

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More than 400 business groups have raised alarm over the end of the status quo period.

CNN reported. There are over 400 business groups calling on Congressional leaders to prevent a freight rail strike that could start causing chaos in the economy next week.

“No one wins when the railroads stop running,” the business groups led by the Chamber of Commerce wrote in a Monday letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

According to the 449 business groups, even a short-term work stoppage would cause large problems, from the Aluminum Association to the Beer Institute to the US Apple Association. A voluntary agreement between the unions and the freight railroads would be ideal, but Congress must prepare for the worst.

“It is imperative that you take immediate steps to prevent a national rail strike and the economic destruction that will follow if you do not reach a voluntary agreement”, the groups wrote,  pointing out that Congress has intervened in labor negotiations 18 times since 1926 when interstate commerce has been threatened.

A rail strike could occur as early as December 9, causing shortages, spikes in prices, and halts in factory production. In addition, commuter rail services for up to seven million travelers a day, as well as food and farm product transportation, could also be disrupted.

This is absolutely frightening. We have the worst diesel shortage in history happening right now,a gasoline crisis, a natural gas crisis, and about 3 different wars about to pop off. Not to mention about 30 other looming disasters that are all about to happen at the same time. It almost feels like they planned all of this, as part of some globalist plot- almost like the great reset that was supposed to be a conspiracy theory, until it wasn’t. Make sure you are stocked up on food and essential items it looks like we are in for a dark winter indeed. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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