America’s Worst Mayor Up For re-Election

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Hands down Chicago’s mayor Lori Lightfoot is the worst mayor in the United States, and she has just announced that she will be running for reelection.

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Chicago has fallen deeper into the liberal hellscape of crime ridden streets, murders, car jackings, and rampant looting. Yet, even as this happens Lori Lightfoot is demanding that the residents of Chicago subject themselves to 4 more years of her failed leadership.

American outlook reports. Next year is the Chicago mayoral election, and Lori Lightfoot is running for reelection despite her disastrous record. Several other candidates are attacking Lightfoot over the city’s crime problem, which is completely fair.

In normal circumstances, Lightfoot wouldn’t have a chance in this race, but this is Chicago.

The Windy City’s nonpartisan mayoral election is scheduled for Feb. 28 and several individuals have announced their candidacy ahead of the Nov. 28 filing deadline.

Crime is a central issue for both candidates and voters ahead of the election. The number of homicides in the deep-blue city reached its highest level in 25 years in 2021, outpacing New York City and Los Angeles.

Several candidates for Chicago’s 57th mayor told American outlook that Lightfoot has not fulfilled his promise to make the city safer, stressing the importance of supporting police and tackling crime head-on.

Roderick Sawyer, a son of former Chicago Mayor Eugene Sawyer stated. “Chicago needs a leader who understands our city, its people, its history and its character. It needs someone who is a consensus builder, someone who is willing to work with everyone from across the city, who doesn’t get into feuds and has a thick skin. None of those things describe our current mayor,”

BRIDGE. Recently a lawsuit was filed against Mayor Lightfoot for violating the first amendment.

Fox news reported. Chicago reporter William Kelly stated in an interview with Fox news that the first amendment is on life support in the city of Chicago.

There are thousands of examples as to why Lightfoot is the worst mayor in Chicago history. She heartlessly shut the city down and forced the closing of thousands of businesses, she forced mega corporations to flee, she ripped down the columbus statue after many police officers were injured after defending it during the riots. She further allowed the rioting to destroy hundreds of millions of dollars in property, she has continued to allow murderers and other criminals to roam free, and does not attempt to enforce the law. Her city has fallen into a hellscape that residents know they cannot escape from. She cannot be allowed another 4 years.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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