Crooked Hillary Returns With Most Abhorrent Attack On Pro-Lifers We’ve Ever Seen And You Paid For It

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Crooked Hillary is back with an attack on pro-lifers that is pure evil. It’s an attack like we’ve never seen before, which is to be expected from the queen of evil herself. It seems as though no one is safe from her despicable influence – not even unborn babies and their supporters. This presentation of pure malice shows just how far Hillary will go to push her agenda and sadly, you paid for it!

On Thursday, pure evil spoke out to the people of America in the form of Hillary Clinton. Attempting to draw outrage and divide people, her comments were an attack like we’ve never seen before on PBS, all funded by taxpayers’ hard-earned money. Calling pro-lifers in Arkansas equal to rapists in Afghanistan and Ukraine – pure evil in the purest form. Queen of Evil Clinton does not care about human rights or ending violence against women: she only wants to forward her own agenda at the expense of innocent lives everywhere. Shameful that Crooked Hillary is still vying for power despite her record.

Newsbusters reports, on Thursday, Hillary Clinton spoke with PBS’s Amanpour and Company about the Clinton Presidential Center’s upcoming summit on women’s rights.The interview began with Amanpour asking Clinton about the “unfinished business” of women’s rights. It prompted Clinton to compare such places as Iran, Afghanistan, and Ukraine, where rape is viewed as a war tactic, to political and cultural forces in our own country.

Instead of stopping the conversation because one of Hillary’s points is not the same as the others, Amanpour chose to focus on the pro-life movement in Arkansas where Hillary referred to the Dobbs decision as “draconian”. In the end, Amanpour expressed her regret that these two were having this conversation in 2022, all of this on the taxpayer’s dime.

Pure evil has infiltrated public broadcast programming with the latest episode of Amanpour & Company featuring the queen of evil, Crooked Hillary. Using taxpayer dollars, she is spreading lies about the pure intent of pro-lifers and misrepresenting laws that protect women’s rights. Arkansas is not equal to Iran, Afghanistan or Ukraine with regard to women’s rights. Christiane Amanpour’s platform on PBS only further fans the flames of irrational fear while viewers like you foot the bill. It is high time we defund PBS before more pure evil heresy infects our airwaves; hence why we must not tolerate PBS continuing to use our hard earned money to provide a platform for such pure evil deceitful rhetoric.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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