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FTX Founder gives Lame excuse for the loss of billions of dollars he stole from hard-working Americans, and the crowd of investors/customers’ reaction is priceless.

Recently, FTX Founder addressed allegations of money laundering and theft about why he lost billions of dollars in their cryptocurrency exchange. Needless to say, the audience were not amused (or were they?) and laughed in his face. Were they laughing with him or at him? And that’s for you to decide….

Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried told CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin at the Dealbook Summit on Wednesday that he “didn’t do a good job” of fulfilling his responsibilities to regulators, customers and investors, Daily caller reported.
Bankman-Fried kept going despite the crowd’s laughter when he said he had a bad month. “This has not been a good time for me, but that’s not what matters here,” he said. “What matters here is the millions of customers. What matters here is all the stakeholders in FTX.”

After that, Sorkin read an email in which a man mentioned losing his life savings. The subject line was “Sam Bankman-Fried stole $2 million from me.” “Can you please ask SBF why he decided to steal my life savings and the $10 billion more from customers to give to his hedge fund Alameda,” Sorkin read. “Can you ask him why his hedge fund was leveraging along all of these shitcoins. Please ask him if he thinks what happened was fraud.” Sorkin said he has received several letters like that and asked Bankman-Fried what to say.

“Yeah— um, I mean— I’m deeply sorry about what happened,” Bankman-Fried replied.

Unfortunately, the CEO did not respond to the man’s email. Among the stand-out questions was, “Please ask him if what happened was fraud.” Most people with knowledge of this story know the answer to that question.

People on twitter did not find the clip humorous at all.

@TheFixerishot responded pretty rationally to the video with: “How is this guy not being arrested?”

@BullDog614 responded, “In one of those nice federal hotels you should have plenty of time to think about it”

@Pdoddie01 Responded, Me me me myself and I , a bad month it’s a lot more than that laundering your customers cash into Ukraine ya criminal”

A bad month is when a normal person’s car breaks down and they have to dip into their savings to afford repairs. This would be an uncontrollable circumstance that happened to you, as opposed to a felony where you actively choose to launder people’s money to politicians of your choosing. That is Not a bad month. But for the sake of this, let’s all laugh about it and also laugh about the fact you aren’t currently rotting in prison for stealing millions of hard working Americans’ money. What do you think, audience, is this a laughable offense?

Let’s continue this conversation, in the comments below.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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