Liberals Declare Free Speech is Only For Right Wing MAGA Republicans

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Apparently believing in the freedom of speech is something that only left would want to attack as it provides a counter argument to them shoving their ideology down our throats.

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Ever since Elon Musk took over twitter the left has been on the war path trying to destroy Elon’s reputation, and is stating that his continued efforts to make Twitter a more open platform is fueled by hate.

Red state reported. There was no way around it. After weeks of liberal tantrums over Musk taking over Twitter, an Axios writer has accused Musk of being the worst thing of all: a Republican. Why is that so? Due to the fact that he – values freedom of speech. 

Axios writer Zachary Basu wrote, “The Republicanization of Elon Musk,” where he clutched his pearls and complained that “Elon Musk’s public comments on free speech have cemented an unmistakable new reality: The world’s richest man, who owns the de facto public square, has become increasingly Republican.”.” 

Moreover, Basu laments Musk’s “staggering political transformation” from supporting Obama, Hillary, and Biden to now saying that he may support Ron DeSantis if he runs for president in 2024. Basu believes this is an unforgivable betrayal of the left, who believe everyone in Big Tech is supporting their efforts to suppress speech.

Recently Elon Musk made fun of some stuff he found in the closet at Twitter HQ.

New York Post reports. He’s literally cleaning out the Twitter closets, laughing after finding a stack of unworn “Stay Woke” t-shirts.

During a video posted late Tuesday, the world’s richest man held up one of the shirts with a progressive slogan. The video has already been viewed more than 10.2 million times.

Fox notes, it comes after he cut the company’s staff, then applauded the exodus of “woke” journalists from Twitter. Musk’s discovery comes as he moves Twitter away from censorship and toward free speech.

As Americans finally realize that they have completely controlled the media, liberals are in a panic. Those on the left are scrambling to get any opportunity they can to attack those who are shining a light on their agenda, and are attempting to smear anyone who is opposing their political views. Further, as they watch decades of work come crashing down around them, they are launching their 5th generational war tactics on every American they can in an effort to win their culture war. We all need to stand tall, and continue to share the message of freedom, we can win this fight if we all work together.

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