STRIKE THREE: MLB pitcher Strikes Out Biden After He INSULTS Every American’s Intelligence

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Another swing and miss for Joe Biden. The President opened his mouth this week and while swinging for the fences and ended up striking out when he insulted nearly every American.

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Americans are not stupid, yet the democrat ruling elite constantly assume that we know nothing, and are happy about it.

Fox news reported. After the virus shook the country’s economy, Biden suggested that Americans in general had no idea what a supply chain was until it became a recent media topic related to the country’s economic woes.


MLB pitcher Brad Ziegler slammed the president, tweeting, “We’re all morons, right @POTUS? No one ever had business class in middle school.”

Representative elect John James, answered Biden’s question, writing, “Me. I did. And so did all the other auto workers in my district who’ve watched their jobs sent to Mexico and China because of anti-business lib policies!”

Conservative influencer Paul Szypula tweeted, “Biden just told unions workers that 10 years ago they didn’t even know ‘what the hell a supply chain was.’ Instead of insulting Americans why doesn’t Biden apologize to them for ruining their economy and then resign?”

For politicians to routinely think that Americans are too stupid to grasp supply chains is one thing, but politicians think Americans are too stupid to raise their own kids now, also.

Town Hall reports, if you are considering staying a Democrat, keep in mind that most of them do not want you to be involved in your children’s education.

Using his Twitter account, Democrat Representative Eric Swalwell called out parents who think they have the right to know what their children are learning in school, saying it is “stupid” to let parents decide for their children. 

In spite of Swalwell’s claims, patients still have a say over what doctors do to them. Although they may not perform surgeries, they still have a say in what they do. While students in schools may not have their parents teaching them, they are free to choose what they learn. 

Biden may want to hit the showers because he just struck out again! This week, Biden showed his own naivety as he insulted nearly every single American when he insinuated we don’t understand how a supply chain works. Joe, we’re not stupid and we do know our innovation has changed the world for the better! The sheer absurdity of Biden even thinking that Americans don’t understand what a supply chain is speaks volumes. If you think we’re so dumb, then why are you even trying to lead us? It’s time for Biden to realize quickly that Americans are smarter than that and leave politics to those with actual competency and respect for We The People.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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