Obama STUNS America with 3 Words About Joe Biden

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During a campaign stop in Georgia with Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) ahead of next week’s Senate runoff election against GOP challenger Herschel Walker, former President Barack Obama made an unfortunate gaffe about President Joe Biden’s mental health.

Why isn’t Biden himself campaigning for Warnock? Well, the reverend won’t explain why he doesn’t want Biden on the campaign trail, but Obama made a comparison between Walker and a “crazy” avuncular family member most Americans seem to have, as noted by the Daily Wire.

The remarks were intended as a dig at the GOP candidate, but they also remind voters of Biden’s own shortcomings.

As Obama said about the fictional “Uncle Joe,” Biden isn’t actually in charge nor given any “serious responsibilities.”

His comments on military matters, national security, and the pandemic have been repeatedly walked back by White House staff. In many of his interviews, he claims an unknown group known only as “they” wants him to take questions from certain reporters. He has also been given multiple notecards to remind him when and where to sit, how to introduce himself, and what reporters to call on.

Taking all of this into consideration, Twitter users did not let Obama’s comments go unnoticed.

One person commented, “well at least he’s being honest for once. Joe ain’t running this country folks.”

Another tweeted, “When thinking about people that shouldn’t be given serious responsibilities, “Joe” was top of mind.”

And another pointed out, “That’s his way of letting everyone know he is actually running the government”

It’s no secret that former President Barack Obama and current President Joe Biden’s relationship has become complicated ever since Biden was elected President. But Obama’s recent comments about Biden’s mental health are truly stunning. Obama called Joe Biden “crazy uncle joe” who has “no responsibilities.” As Twitter users could only imagine, this was a subtle hint that Joe Biden actually does nothing behind the scenes and is seriously used as a puppet. This might literally be the Obama Administration 3.0.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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