Biden’s Big Plan Just Got CRUSHED by a Federal Appeals Court

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Joe Biden just got dealt a massive blow by a federal judge over his student loan forgiveness plan.

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Joe Biden recently attempted to use the power of the purse, which is a power exclusively given to congress, in order to forgive billions of dollars in student loan debt.

Fox news reported. An appeals court denied President Biden’s request to reinstate his student loan debt relief program, which seeks to forgive hundreds of billions of dollars owed by millions of borrowers.

A three-judge panel unanimously declined Wednesday to overturn a decision by US District Judge Mark Pittman on Nov. 10, which called the student loan handouts unlawful and temporarily suspended them.


After the federal appeals court continued the block on Biden’s plan it was quickly assigned to the supreme court, and following that CNN launched into a series of attacks. 

Newsbusters reported. CNN stoked rage over Supreme Court’s refusal to lift federal court injunctions preventing “forgiveness” of certain student loans instead of acknowledging that President Biden’s student loan election bribe has no constitutional or legal merit from the start. Additionally, the liberal outlet complained that the Biden administration had to send letters disappointing those who had already applied and been approved. All of this during a year when an attempt was already made on a justice’s life.


The founders were geniuses in the way they set up the government, they had specific powers delegated to specific branches of government, and each branch has a check to the other branches. Congress is the only branch that can incur an expenditure, meaning that they have the power of the purse. Biden when he signed the executive order violated the constitution, and it is up to the supreme court, and federal courts to rule on that. When the ruling came out and blocked the student loan forgiveness, it was done correctly as it did in fact violate the constitution.

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Next News Network Team

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