GAME OVER: Disastrous RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel’s Days Are Numbered After Trump-Linked Lawyer Step Up

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Ronna Romney McDainel, the niece of chief RINO Mitt Romney, has been a disaster for the GOP. It’s obvious she got the job because of a deal Trump made with Mitt when he passed him over for the Sec of State position. Now it appears the deal has run out and one person is stepping up to see that she’s gone for good. 

Republicans across the country have had enough of RINOs like Ronna Romney McDaniel freely taking control of the Grand Old Party.

Her appointment was clearly a result of a deal between Donald Trump and her uncle, Mitt Romney, no matter how much they both deny it.  Fortunately, there’s still hope for no more GOP politicians weakening our political power – enter Harmeet Dhillon. On Sunday, news broke that she’s considering challenging McDaniel for the RNC chair position. With Dhillon as her opponent, it’s clear to see McDaniel won’t be around for much longer – no more RINOs in the GOP!

Governor Kristi Noem wants Ronna McDaniel out of office, saying one can only cope with so many losses.

It’s impossible not to be shocked that the Republican Party under Ronna McDaniel has failed to seize what could’ve been one of their biggest victories in years. The economic hardship caused by the pandemic, which President Biden was forced to confront, and the resultant high inflation rate have severely hurt his chances at success–both areas of voter concern that the GOP could’ve used as an opportunity to gain new power. Despite the dismal circumstances of this past election cycle, Joe Biden has managed to remain firmly in control. The Republicans’ failure to achieve a large majority in Congress is downright catastrophic; it’s as if we are all drinking poison as this lame duck president holds on to his last grip of power.

Politico reports, now, Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel is facing a challenge.

RNC committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon, whose firm represents Donald Trump, is preparing to run for party chair, according to two people familiar with the matter. A formal launch could come within the next few days after Dhillon talks with fellow RNC members about a run.

In the event that Dhillon were to run, it would be the most serious challenge to McDaniel to date. Former New York governor Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.) has also said he is considering a run for governor, but he has not declared yet. The MyPillow CEO and Trump supporter who has risen to prominence challenging the 2020 election outcome has launched a longshot campaign for RNC Chair.

This is a time for new leadership in the Republican Party. With Ronna Romney McDaniel at the helm, we have seen time and time again the Grand Old Party failing to make the gains it so desperately needs. Biden’s economic mismanagement has left voters looking for answers – an area of opportunity for Republicans that Ronna McDaniel failed to capitalize on. It is time to oust the RINOs within our party. We must no longer tolerate Romneys in charge with zero accountability. Harmeet Dhillon presents us with a chance to bring fresh perspective, solutions, and success back in to the GOP.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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