Rioters in Portland Will Get Kid Glove Treatment Now

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Portland police just lost a major lawsuit, and now are forced to pay rioters a bunch of cash, and are restricted from using a certain tool.

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The riots in 2020 were insane, billions of dollars in property damage, multiple lives were lost, and many lives ruined. But fear not the liberal Democrats were completely on the side of the looters, and even Vice president Kamala Harris set up funds to bail people out of jail. In a continuation of that insanity, a judge has just issued a ruling saying the police were wrong. 

Washington Examiner reported. Following a settlement with activists over how police handled the 2020 riots, Portland, Oregon, police have fewer tools to deal with protests and riots.

Due to a lawsuit filed by activist group Don’t Shoot PDX in June 2020, the Portland Police Bureau was forced to decommission its “rubber ball distraction devices,” which operate like flash grenades to disorient and stun crowds.


Portland Police have also lost another major lawsuit against rioters for using tear gas. 

KVUE reported. 

A lawsuit filed by a person injured during the 2020 social justice protests against the City of Austin was settled on Thursday.

A report by KVUE’s news partners at the Austin American-Statesman indicates that the settlement approved by the Austin City Council was $1.75 million. 

Herrera, according to the lawsuit, was hit by a less-lethal bean bag round. According to the lawsuit, the projectile caused permanent disfigurement and pain, numbness, and tingling. 

Herrera also suffered from chronic PTSD from his service in Iraq in addition to “significant mental anguish and psychological distress” as a result of the May 2020 incident, according to the lawsuit. 

This is the eighth settlement related to injuries sustained during the May 2020 protests, according to The Statesman. A total of $16.6 million has been paid out from taxes in these cases. It is expected that number will increase as more than a dozen cases remain pending. 

As well as causing billions of dollars in damages, the rioters are also getting paid for their actions and interacting with the police. In many cases, the police used kid gloves to avoid further inflaming the situation, and in the meantime, lives were lost, and businesses were destroyed. There are more than a few lawsuits still being litigated nationwide, and as of now the amount of total settlements is not known. However, we law abiding citizens who did not go out and loot a billion dollars’ worth of hard merchandise are obviously angry.

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