After Speaking The Truth The Richest Man On Earth Fears For Life

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Elon Musk is in fear for his life, as he continues to allow for the dump of documents and emails that show the bias of social media companies in censoring the truth from the world, and influencing elections.

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Elon Musk over the last weeks has gone on a rampage against big tech, and has been releasing documents that show just how bad the big tech influence is when it comes to free and fair elections.

Daily Wire reports, Elon Musk told paparazzi that he will not sign autographs again over the weekend, warning that the risk of someone assassinating him is “quite significant.”

When Musk arrived at Dulles International Airport Saturday night, TMZ reported that he would no longer sign autographs.


Over the weekend Elon Musk had a live Q&A session where he asserted his claims of being afraid for his life.

According to the New York Post, Elon Musk has claimed that he faces a significant risk of assassination.

The CEO of Twitter Spaces said he “definitely” would not hold open-air car parades in a two-hour Q&A audio chat on the social network.

Musk further stated “Frankly the risk of something bad happening to me, or even literally being shot, is quite significant, It’s not that hard to kill somebody if you wanted to, so hopefully they don’t, and fate smiles upon the situation with me and it does not happen … There’s definitely some risk there.”

Elon further stated during the live Q&A  session that “ I do not have any suicidal thoughts. If I committed suicide, it’s not real,”

The Tesla CEO – a self-proclaimed “free speech absolutist” – added that “at the end of the day, we just want to be free from oppression”.

It’s a good thing Elon doesn’t have any dirt on Hillary, but wait… he does. Thanks to Elon’s announcement that he is mentally stable, Hillary has no openings when it comes to self-harm. No matter what, Elon has accomplished what we had hoped he would, he exposed the inner workings of the Democratic suppression machine, allowing the truth to shine through. Some naysayers claimed he was just using the freedom of speech angle of approach to regain conservative support. In the end, he proved everyone wrong. Keep yourself safe, Elon!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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