Animal Rights Protesters Get a Taste of their Own Medicine after Targeting London Steakhouse

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A militant animal rights group attempted to protest inside a London steakhouse on Saturday – and they failed.

The Western Journal writes, Animal Rebellion activists sat at tables already reserved for diners at Nusr-Et steakhouse, owned by Turkish celebrity chef Nusret Gokce.

It was a short-lived stunt.

According to the Telegraph, waitresses working at the restaurant ultimately removed the activists from the premises – not law enforcement.

On video, restaurant staff physically carry a protester out of the steakhouse.

According to the Telegraph, when police arrived at the Nusr-Et restaurant, the trespassing protest had already been resolved.

In a tweet, Animal Rebellion took responsibility for the stunt, saying the steakhouse’s meats cause “environmental destruction” and “animal exploitation.”

On the same evening, the group also protested in a restaurant in Manchester, England claiming it “caters to a wealthy minority” while “2 million in the UK rely on food banks.”

The Telegraph adds that Animal Rebellion is linked to Extinction Rebellion, an environmentalist group in the United Kingdom known for its disruptive protests.

Animal rights protesters have been annoying the general public for years with their pointless stunts and demonstrations. Their recent target of a London steakhouse caused a scene but the waitresses working at the restaurant had had enough of the protesters and removed them from the premises. The animal rights protesters were unable to accomplish anything and ultimately just made a fool of themselves. If they want to be taken seriously, they need to come up with a better plan than this. Otherwise, they will continue to be annoying and just look incompetent.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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