Kamala’s Office ROCKED After ONE Staffer Has Enough of Her Tyranny

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Another top staffer is being lost as a result of turnover in Kamala Harris’ office.

Approximately a year after taking on the role, Harris’ Communications Director Jamal Simmons will depart next month.

Simmons said in a statement, “Working for Vice President Harris has been an honor and a privilege. I’m so thankful for the confidence she put in me and I will miss this fantastic team more than anything.”

There have been several other departures from Harris’ office since she became vice president less than two years ago.

Others who have departed from the VP’s employ include senior adviser and chief spokesperson Symone Sanders, domestic policy adviser Rohini Kosoglu, speechwriter Meghan Groob, Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh, Communications Director Ashley Etienne, and more.

As The Washington Post put it in 2021, the “exodus” from Harris’ office has raised questions about her work environment.

The exodus is quite concerning considering that Harris’ boss, Joe Biden encouraged new White House officials to treat each other with dignity and respect when he took office.

These resignations are a direct result of Kamala Harris’ toxic work environment. It is clear that she is a bully who does not know how to lead or work with others. This is a failure on her part as Vice President. The staff in her office deserve better. It is only a matter of time before one of the staffers who resigned from her office tell their truth in a bombshell report or tell-all book. Then that would really bring down the Vice President, who has no business holding that title in the first place.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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