A Come To Jesus Moment In DC? This Rep says it’s time for the Reckoning

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This Congressmen says we all need Jesus, especially Washington D.C. is he right or wrong, let’s get into this.

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If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering what on earth is happening in Washington. Well, wonder no more because I’ve got the inside scoop straight from the horse’s mouth. This week, GOP Rep-Elect Mike Lawler said that it might be time for a come to Jesus moment in D.C. and the man isn’t wrong.

The Daily Wire reports Mike Lawler, a Republican congressman-elect, said Congress needs to have a “come to Jesus” moment regarding spending.

Lawler, who defeated Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman Sean Patrick Maloney in last month’s midterm elections, told CNN’s “State of the Union” Jake Tapper Sunday that Congress must stop reckless spending that keeps increasing the national debt while maintaining programs such as Social Security and Medicare.

Afterwards, the congressman-elect went on a rant about how both parties were to blame for the out-of-control spending.


Congress is expected to pass a budget resolution later this month to fund the government until next year. Democrats in both houses also hope to raise the federal debt ceiling before Republicans take over the House of Representatives. The bill has not been scheduled for a vote as Democratic leaders are concerned they lack the votes to pass it.

Since the Republican party has always been identified as one that stands for economic responsibility, millions of Americans hope that they can at least stop the bleeding that this administration is causing.

According to CNN, McCarthy recently told his critics that Democrats could theoretically band together and peel off a few Republicans if they would not unify if they didn’t unify. McCarthy warned Republicans against “squandering this majority” in an interview with Fox News on Sunday.

Mcarthy continued, “If people don’t come along, that’s going to delay our ability to secure the border. That’s going to delay our ability to become energy independent, that’s going to delay our ability to repeal 87,000 IRS agents, that’s going to delay our ability to hold government accountable.”

He finished with, “There’s no subpoena that can go out until that gets done. And right now, it’s actually delaying our ability to govern as we go. So I’m hopeful that everybody comes together, finds a way to govern together.” 

The spending on the Hill has been nothing short of shameful. A bunch of adults who are supposed to know better than to waste money have been doing exactly that. Leaving a massive bill for future generations to pick up while only thinking about themselves who will be dead shortly. Hopefully this upcoming Republican lead congress can bring some common sense into this chaos. It is simply inexcusable to leave such a mess for our children and grandchildren to clean up. We need to get our fiscal house in order and fast. The time for irresponsible spending is over. It’s time for congress to get serious about cutting spending and balancing the budget like our future depends on it, because it does.

Let’s continue this conversation, in the comments below.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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