EXPOSED: Republicans Plan HUGE Investigation After Misinformation Report Reveals Dems Dirty Secrets

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 Let’s take a look at the recent report put out by the DNCF and how Republicans are planning to investigate after exposing a false report..

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Another major scandal from Democrats and Republicans are not going to stand for it. They’re already planning to investigate this border misinformation they thought they could cover up and nobody would find out.

Daily Caller Reports, Rep. Pat Fallon, a Republican from Texas, pledged to investigate why immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) underreported the number of illegal aliens released without tracking technology by nearly 18,000%, according to the Daily Caller News Foundation, who first discovered the discrepancy.

According to an internal document exclusively obtained by DCNF, 49,459 illegal aliens were not being monitored with any tracking equipment as of Nov. 14, but the agency’s website reported 266 with this status as of Nov. 19.

During a Fox and Friends First segment Friday, Host Carley Shimkus asked Fallon about the discrepancy in the DCNF report.

Here is what Fallon had to say about the discrepancy and what Republicans will do when they take over.

Take a look

Meanwhile, several investigations have already been launched into Biden administration officials, with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy threatening to impeach Mayorkas if he doesn’t resign. 

While the democratic party always threatens to police misinformation, they’re always the ones creating it. With this purposeful mismanagement of the border, do they really want Americans to believe there are only 266 illegals unaccounted for? Apparently this is how stupid they think Americans are.

Heads of the Homeland Security Department, the National Counterterrorism Center, and the FBI testified before Congress about the country’s biggest threats last month.

House members grilled DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas about security at the southern border, where a record 2.38 million migrants crossed in the past fiscal year.

Republican Rep. Dan Bishop asked him if he thought the border was secure.

Here is what DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas had to say about the border.


Recently, the Democratic party has been attempting to spread the false narrative that our borders have never been safer. This claim comes after President Biden ran on a platform of drastically increasing illegal immigration and opening our borders, in direct opposition to former President Trump’s policies. Despite their rhetoric, however, we have seen a historic 5 million illegal crossings since Biden took office. This surge has placed an immense strain on border States, which are predominately Republican. The resulting crisis has been devastating, with crime rates soaring and vital resources being stretched thin. It is clear that the Democratic party’s open border policies are failing miserably, and it is time for them to admit their mistake and return to a more sensible approach.

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