Philly Gas Station Owner Isn’t Taking Any More Crap

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Crime has gotten so bad in the City of Philadelphia that a gas station owner has men fully geared for war to protect his business and customers.

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The city of Philadelphia has been devolving into a crime ridden liberal cesspool for a while now, and since the woke leadership wont do anything about safety and security of the residents. It is now up to individual business owners. 

Townhall reports, In crime-ridden Philadelphia, a gas station owner is warning would-be robbers and carjackers: You’re at risk of being shot by heavily armed security guards.

Neil Patel, the owner of KARCO in North Philadelphia, has hired several security guards equipped with firearms to protect customers. While a customer’s vehicle is stopped, carjackers and muggers often target them. 


Crime has been skyrocketing at Philly gas stations recently.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports, Philadelphia has just hit a new record when it comes to homicides.  A record 562 homicides in 2021, and just off that pace so far in 2022. But new data from the Philadelphia Police Department show that they’re part of a chilling trend and speak to the universality of the problem: For motorists, all roads lead to gas stations.

Inspector Charles Layton who oversees the homicide, major crimes, and special victims unit stated “This is happening in the Far Northeast, it’s happening in Roxborough, it’s happening in North Philadelphia, it’s happening in Center City, I don’t think if you go outside of the city it’s going to change anything because they have increasing carjackings, as well.”

When you allow soft on criminal laws to take hold, and refuse to strictly enforce the laws on the books you will get more crime. It is a pretty thing for us conservatives to figure out, and crime statistics continue to decline in Republican controlled areas. But for cities like Philly, Chicago, New York, and New Orleans the murder rates are literally skyrocketing, and it is all due to the people who run those cities. The people need to wake up, and demand strict enforcement of the law, and the city councils need to empower the police departments, and not restrict them. Simple.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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