Shocking New Poll Reveals The Majority Of Americans Thoughts on Ukraine War

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A new poll has just been released that shows what the majority of Americans think about Ukraine and the left will lose their minds over it.

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A brand new poll that’s sure to start some controversy. The majority of Americans think that we should stay out of the conflict in Ukraine and let them sort it out on their own.

According to Breitbart, a Morning Consult poll released in late November found that 48 percent of registered Republican voters want foreign aid decreased. In the survey, 48 percent of Republicans want to decrease their involvement in foreign affairs.

Moreover, Republicans not only want the federal government to engage less in soft power and foreign aid, but 41 percent of Republican voters also want to reduce the deployment of American troops overseas and 46 percent want to reduce the involvement of America in military conflicts.

President Biden has requested more than $37 billion in emergency aid to Ukraine, while Congress has allocated roughly $66 billion.

However, many conservatives have called for increased scrutiny of foreign aid.

In preparation for the House, many conservative lawmakers are echoing their constituents’ concerns. Here are Representatives Majorie Taylor Green and Matt Gaetz warning democrats of their money spending antics.

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The American people are tired of paying for a war they have no business funding. People are struggling financially for the first time since the 2009 market crash because of the horrific policies of this administration. Despite how hurt we are, we always front the biggest bill internationally.

According to Statista, in response to the Russian invasion that began in February 2022, the United States provided Ukraine with around 52.3 billion euros in bilateral financial, humanitarian, and military aid. Approximately 16.2 billion euros were committed by the European Union (EU) institutions, such as the Commission and the EU Council.

Americans are outraged that they’re expected to foot the bill for Ukraine. Over 60 billion dollars have already been sent overseas, with requests for more constantly coming in. Taxpayers can hardly afford this financial burden. Self-sufficiency is important, and American taxpayers should not be viewed as a money machine – enough is enough. To prevent continuing financial strain on not only Americans, but people all over the world, it’s high time that Ukraine takes responsibility and stands on its own two feet. They’ve proven they can fight off Russia so now let’s see if they can do it without American money. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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