BREAKING: Kari Lake Drops MOAB on Arizona Fraudsters With BOLD GAME CHANGING Declaration

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Is Kari Lake about to mount a historic legal battle against election fraud? The Arizona journalist and public figure has declared that she’s teaming up with a high-profile law firm to launch a “massive” lawsuit that will reach all the way up to the Supreme Court. With critics of the 2022 election citing rampant voter irregularities, Lake’s effort could have widespread implications for the future integrity of American democracy.

In her bid to win the Arizona Governorship  seat, Katie Hobbs certified her own election results against newcomer Kari Lake. Though this was already a contentious race, with multiple election failures reported in the state’s most populous county, the situation took a dramatic turn when reports surfaced that Hobbs had forced election officials to certify results under threat of felony charges and arrest. To oppose these actions and other fraudulent activity, Lake filed several lawsuits against Maricopa County but she isn’t stopping there. She recently announced plans for a ‘massive’ lawsuit that could even reach the US Supreme Court. It looks like she won’t rest until justice is served!

She tore into Hobb’s threats on Real America’s Voice.

She further stated,  she can PROVE that there were widespread illegal votes being counted.

On December 5th Kari Lake stated she has a lawsuit ready to go.

Kari Lake is a fierce force on the path to justice and she has come too far to be stopped now. After filing multiple individual lawsuits against Maricopa County and other organizations that have allowed election fraud, she is taking it onward to victory! Lake has made it clear with her recent announcement that she will go all the way up to the US Supreme Court if honor and justice calls for it. Her message is clear: do not underestimate this woman’s ability and determination. She will not rest until she proves in court that fraudulent votes were cast and counted – no matter how high you take it, Kari Lake does not back down from a challenge. Onward to victory!

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