HHS Secretary Alludes To Plans On Potential Reclassification Of Marijuana

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The Secretary of Health and Human Services hinted at potential plans to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug. Is Biden trying to Rewrite personal history?

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The HHS secretary made some surprising statements about the potential for reclassifying marijuana as a less dangerous drug. This should spark a lot of interest in the cannabis community, and many are wondering what this could mean for the future of marijuana legalization. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Breitbart reports that HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra tweeted at 4:20 p.m. on Monday about the administration’s review of marijuana’s Schedule I status.

Xaxier Beccera tweeted, “At the direction of @POTUS, we’re continuing to examine how marijuana is scheduled. We’re looking at what the evidence tells us – and that will guide what we do.”

It comes days after Becerra reportedly said that the Biden administration would review the science behind marijuana’s classification as a schedule 1 drug at a Friday overdose prevention event.

Likewise, he said the administration wouldn’t propose decriminalizing marijuana, but they would “weigh in on any issue involving decriminalization of any controlled substance.”

Becerra’s comments on marijuana’s reclassification follow Biden’s announcement to pardon thousands of individuals convicted on federal marijuana possession charges. Biden also called for the federal government to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous controlled substance.

This is yet another attempt to attract the attention of those who don’t see Majuanna as particularly harmful. Those people can then be converted to votes if he runs for re-election in the future. Actually quite clever.

FEE Stories reported that Biden fell victim to the “tough on crime” rhetoric of the 1980s. He was the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which oversees the Department of Justice and is responsible for implementing many of the disastrous policies passed during this time. As part of his call for the federal government to create a new role, Biden coined the term “drug czar” in a 1982 article in the New York Times.

Despite this, Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr., who advocates anti-narcotics efforts, says no program would be successful without a Cabinet-level “drug czar” in charge of coordinating the efforts of multiple agencies.

Biden got his wish a few years later with the creation of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), which is known as the “drug czar.” This new department brought stricter drug laws at a hefty cost to the American public.

Here is a clip of Biden in the past stating there is no such thing as a recreational user of certain drugs.

Joe Biden’s platform of legalizing marijuana throughout the country is clearly politically motivated. While it will likely win him favor among the more liberal voters in his party, it isn’t necessarily something he truly believes in. It’s no surprise that the majority of states who have taken the plunge into legalization are firmly rooted in left-wing beliefs, whereas many conservative states have staunchly resisted such changes. Despite this, it remains to be seen whether Biden will follow through as president, or if his stance on this particular issue was a ploy for votes. Just like the student loan forgiveness program which has been deemed unconstitutional by multiple courts.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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