TWILIGHT ZONE: Biden’s Chief of Staff Claims The Impossible

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Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff went onto television and bold faced lied to the country. 

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The biden administration has been anything but financially responsible. Trillions of dollars have poured out of initiatives started by Biden and his 20 something year old interns who are social justice warriors, and green energy advocates.

Breitbart reports,  Ron Klain, the president’s chief of staff, said Monday that the Biden administration – which posted combined deficits worth $4.2 trillion in fiscal years 2021 and 2022 – is very careful with taxpayers’ money.

Klain told the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council Summit that the Biden administration places a high priority on fiscal responsibility.

Let’s Watch.

Recently one of the richest men in the world made a statement on the Biden economy. 

Newsmax reported. Bezos offers some advice to Americans worried the U.S. economy might further contract or enter a recession in 2023: Don’t take risks. 

Bezos recently advised consumers against purchasing big-ticket items like televisions and cars in an interview with CNN Business.


It is quite alarming when the Biden administration refuses to acknowledge the problems they face. They are refusing to even admit that there is a crisis on the southern border. They refuse to admit that there is a fuel crisis, and only make moves to drain the strategic petroleum reserves, they further increased the issue by going hat-in-hand to OPEC to beg for lower prices on oil just to get told the opposite. It is sad that CEOs and other mega billionaires are coming out and stating what the administration cannot even begin to admit. We are in fact heading towards a massive recession. The economy is in shambles, and it is all joe Biden’s fault. Is it 2024 yet? Because, if it was, we would have Trump back in office fixing this mess we are currently in. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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