BREAKING: Zelinsky Gets BAD NEWS From Tucker Calson After He EXPOSES His Worst Crimes Yet

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The American people are growing tired of sending billions to Ukraine because according to a new poll it appears that Ukraine is now losing its fight here in America to keep the people interested in the war. But more importantly Zelensky’s brand of freedom is now being exposed for what it truly is tyranny and Tucker Carlson just called him out.

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The War in Ukraine has reached its 10th month since the invasion began, and the US has invested over 68 BILLION dollars so far and more is on the way. Yet with massive inflation, rising gas prices, and a lack of interest in getting into world war 3 Americans are not that into continuing the support.

Tucker blasted the Ukraine War effort last night in a scathing monologue that needs to be seen by every american.

As if banning the Ukrainian Orthodox Church wasn’t bad enough, Us Politicians call this action freedom as they continue to fund the attack on Christianty.

But there is good news. The Post Millennial reports, On Monday, Chicago Council on Global Affairs released its latest poll on Americans’ perceptions of the war in Ukraine, showing that support for an unlimited supply of aid from Washington to Kiev is declining.

The proportion of respondents who agreed that aid should be provided for “as long as it takes” slid below 50 percent even though most expressed support for the war-torn nation. 

Among 1,030 Americans surveyed between November 18 and 20, 48 percent believe the US should support Ukraine for “as long as it takes,” down from 58 percent in July.

The Democratic Party expressed support for never-ending aid at twice the rate of the Republican Party, at 61 percent and 33 percent, respectively, even if it meant higher gas and food prices for American households.

US households responded yes to the question whether the US should urge Ukraine to “settle for peace as soon as possible” to avoid higher costs.

This news comes as some bizarre social media posts from Ukraine’s ministry of defense have come out.

Post Millennial reports, Monday, a Ukrainian ministry of defense video showing a soldier dancing went viral.

Twitter users questioned why the video was posted and questioned how much NATO countries have been sending to the war-torn eastern European country.


Lavern Spicer tweeted “ We’re paying $120 billion for these videos”

There is a lot of pressure being put on the American people about the war in Ukraine, but Americans are not interested in getting into a shooting war with Russia over it. Further, we do not like the idea of sending additional funds overseas, and we do not like the rising inflation and costs associated with the war. Biden has a habit of sending money everywhere else other than America where we need it most. Even with his American rescue plan, and the release of the strategic petroleum reserve most of the aid was sent to other countries, and did little to help here in America. Despite that, Biden continues to lobby Congress to send even more money, arms, and troops to the embattled European nation. We need to fix the problems here in the United States, before we continue to do so world wide.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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