Another Liberal Media Outlet On Brink Of Failure

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 A liberal media outlet has lost hundreds of thousands of readers over the last few years, and it is all thanks to the people finally waking up to fake news. 

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Since Donald Trump began his assault on the fake news machine, the major liberal media outlets have began hemorrhaging subscribers and viewers.  

American outlook reports, In just two years, the left-leaning Washington Post has lost half a million readers. It’s a devastating blow to their bottom line.

In 2022, The Post is expected to generate around $600 million in revenue and have over 2.5 million subscribers, down from three million in January 2021, the people said. According to the company, it does not expect to make a profit this year.

That’s a stark statement. In the past two years, 500,000 readers have disappeared. Across the media spectrum, it illustrates in hard numbers the challenges facing the industry.

Dinesh D’Souza chimed in on the apparent sinking ship stating in a tweet. Fantastic news! Let’s hope Jeff Bezos loses patience with these losers and slashes jobs. Maybe he’ll end up selling the newspaper for a dollar, as happened with Newsweek.

Even Rasmussen Reports tweeted “More ads from The Washington Post on Twitter than ever before. Could subscription renewals be tanking? Let’s be kind and not ask.”

The Washington Post is not the only failing liberal media outlet. 

Fox news reports, last Thursday, the NewsGuild of New York Times employees went on strike for one day, claiming that employee evaluations discriminate against minorities and demanding pay raises and a salary floor.  

A massive rally took place outside the Times’ midtown Manhattan headquarters on 40th Street. The guild wore red in solidarity, held “New York Times Walks Out” signs, and had Scabby, the giant inflatable rat synonymous with union drama, on hand. Disgruntled Times employees heard directly from union leaders such as “1619 Project” architect Nikole Hannah-Jones and NewsGuild chief Susan DeCarava after 20 months of tension over failed negotiations. 


When you go woke, you go broke. It is pretty evident that across the spectrum that any news agency that has adopted a woke leaning, is now paying the consequences, literally. Disney, Facebook, Twitter – well the old twitter, New york times, CNN, Msnbc and a litany of other woke companies are seeing losses in the millions and billions of dollars. When will they realize that when you give the radical element control of the platforms, they will only alienate the masses from the messages they are attempting to put out. Also, what happened to good old journalism? Not fake sources to score political hits, but good work that is down the middle and sticks to the facts? Time will tell where all of this goes, but it is good to know that citizen journalism is taking a toll on the giant biased networks. Let’s keep it up in this culture war, it looks like we are gaining ground. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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