GOODBYE: Biden’s Non-Bianary Luggage Thief Gets NUKED With Life-Ending News

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It’s a shocking turn of events for Samuel Brinton, the non-binary Biden administration official who made headlines across the nation earlier this year. After being celebrated as a groundbreaking figure in the new administration, Brinton who was charged with multiple counts of theft is now out of a job. Many are stunned at the surprising news and hope that justice is delivered fairly and swiftly. From admiring figure to alleged criminal, it looks like Samuel Brinton’s success story has gone off the rails.

Appointed to a high-ranking position within the Department of Energy in June, Samuel Brinton’s time with the agency was short-lived after he was accused of stealing luggage on two separate occasions at airports. Fox News reported that following the allegations, a representative for the Department declared that Brinton is no longer an employee. Although his reign didn’t last long, it seemed like there just wasn’t any escaping bad headlines for Mr. Brinton.


SOURCE 1. If the allegations against Brinton are true, he is obviously facing serious trouble – up to 10 years of imprisonment, no less. However, many people on social media have had difficulty reconciling what we know of him and his work – he claims to be non-binary and was a member of a drag queen group – with this news. We cannot help but wonder how someone who promotes a product of “love and acceptance” could have resorted to theft. That being said, one thing is for certain: it does not look good for the DoE group he used to work with either; as they put Brinton on leave following the first allegation.


On December 6th, Representative Andrew Clyde of Georgia joined forces with 15 other Republican House members to call for Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm to fire Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition Sam Brinton. Brinton’s accusation of felony theft, led the GOP members to urge his removal. Secretary Granholm has responded by firing the disgraced non-binary nuclear waste czar.

With his high-profile heist and scathingly public fall, in the end it was Samuel Brinton who turned out to be his own undoing as he ‘nuked’ himself and his career. The non-binary Biden administration official was celebrating breakthroughs with the new administration until he was charged with theft just a few months later. It’s like he had a self-destruct switch he flipped off; the scandal he found himself embroiled in meant he ended up figuratively becoming nuclear waste. 

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