ACTIVATE THE FEMA CAMPS! As Border Swirls Out of Control Officials Issue Desperate Demand of Biden 

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Breaking news – Biden has been put on notice. With the border out of control and illegal immigrants pouring in by the thousands, officials have issued an urgent plea to President Biden to take action. They’re asking him to activate the Fema camps and military bases: a desperate attempt to handle the crisis. Things are escalating on the border and are only going to get worse.

As the expulsion order Title 42 remains in effect until December 21, El Paso officials are pressing the Biden administration to activate military bases to house tens of thousands of illegal immigrants. Mario D’Agostino, El Paso’s Deputy City Manager expressed his and the city’s urgency for an answer from the federal government as soon as possible. The overflow from El Paso crossing sites at the US-Mexico border is only increasing and combined with it, cases of Covid-19. It’s now up to the highest office in decision making authority to activate their militray bases if they wish to maintain safety protocols with regards to overcrowding and virus spread.

D’Agostino says the time for an emergency declaration is now. However the Democrat mayor, Oscar Leeser, is pushing back.

The arrival of migrants crossing the Rio Grande into El Paso has caused a major strain on the city and its resources. With up to 2,500 illegal immigrants entering each day, there is an urgent need for housing and support services from the government. Mario D’Agostino’s recommendation of issuing an emergency declaration to activate military bases like Fort Bliss has been refused by the mayor despite it having previously been used to house Afghan refugees after their arrival in 2021. It is clear that something needs to be done quickly – if not, tens of thousands of migrants will be left sleeping on the streets.

El Paso Sector experienced a major surge in illegal crossings over the weekend, with an average of 2,460 encounters per day over three days, mainly through downtown. According to John Martin, deputy director for the Opportunity Center for the Homeless, local homeless shelters are also overcrowded or at capacity.

El Paso officials have sounded the alarm for the Biden administration to act quickly to stem this surge of illegal immigrants, which is threatening to overwhelm their resources. This is an invasion that must be stopped. Mayor Mario D’Agostino asked for the White House’s help with an emergency declaration and offered up Fort Bliss, which was previously used this past year to house Afghan refugees, but this request has been rejected. Shockingly, the Department of Defense reported that they had not received any similar requests from Homeland Security and a query went unanswered by the White House. According to data, more than 2 million migrants crossed our southern border in 2022 alone – a record-breaking number that requires action now!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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