Hypocrisy At Its Finest On Display During Mayor’s Inauguration

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Newly elected Mayor of Los Angeles was in a rush to clean up the homeless camps outside of the inauguration location right before she was sworn in. But there was one big problem with that.

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City workers flooded the streets to clean up the mess from homeless encampments, all in order to have a “nicer look” before newly elected mayor Karen Bass was sworn in.

Redstate reports, To prepare for the inauguration of recently elected mayor Karen Bass, sanitation crews, outreach workers, and other government employees converged on downtown LA last week.

There was one thing they forgot to plan for in Southern California: rain.

Due to forecasts for a large storm on Sunday, the Bass inauguration was moved to the nearby Microsoft Theater, and efforts to clean up City Hall were abandoned. The homeless encampments reappeared even before they were fully gone.

Yet after failing to even do a little cleaning up before the inauguration, there was a first initiative launched from the newly elected mayors office.

Breitbart reports, during her first major act as Los Angeles mayor, Karen Bass declared a “State of Emergency on Homelessness,” suspending rules that impede efforts to move people off the streets.

A formal declaration and statement were issued by Bass at the city’s Emergency Operations Center


One sure fire way to continue the crisis while trying to “end” it is to continue the woke liberal policies that were put into place that helped enable the massive encampments. If the mayor wanted to end the problem, go back on those policies and then attempt to address mental issues, and dependency issues. But just like Gavin Newsom, and other political leaders there will be many speeches and very public statements and attempts to fix the area, but unfortunately not much will be accomplished.

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